Scott Myers

Writing and the Creative Life: Routine or Ritual?

Scott Myers explores the varied approach to creation in his interviews with professional working screenwriters. I am fascinated by creativity, in particular how creativity manifests itself in the wide variety of people I meet or learn about. That has been one of the more intriguing aspects of the many interviews with writers I’ve been fortunate Read MoreRead More

Screenwriting Tip: Know who you’re writing for

Scott Myers posits an interesting tip for screenwriters – know your audience! Hollywood obsesses over target demos. The “demos” part is short for demographic group. Therefore a target demo is a specific audience a movie studio or TV network is aiming for. Think about it: 18-30 year-old males are considerably different in terms of their life Read MoreRead More

Keys to the Craft: What You Must Do To Become a Better Screenwriter (or Filmmaker)

Scott Myers ran an excellent series on five habits that you must invest in in order to excel at screenwriting (or filmmaking for that matter). Think Concepts If you write a spec script based upon the first story idea that comes into your mind, that script will likely suck. Even if it’s decent, it probably Read MoreRead More

When should I enter / exit the scene?

Scott Myers identifies some best practices for when to enter and exit a scene in your screenplay. Here’s another screenwriting mantra: “Enter the scene as late into the action as possible, and leave the scene as soon as you can.” If you don’t believe me, how about the dean of contemporary screenwriters William Goldman: “You Read MoreRead More

What Does “Literary Style” Mean in Terms of Writing a Screenplay?

Screenwriting requires it’s own style often depending on the whether the script is a selling script or a shooting script. Scott Myers details some of these differences and examines a few scripts for writing style. Let me preface my comments by making a distinction between a selling script and a shooting script. A shooting script is a production Read MoreRead More

The Business of Screenwriting: The Power of “No”

Sometimes you have to say “no” to a project. Scott Myers explains how “doing it for the money” will ultimately drain you. In the event you break into the business as a screenwriter, you need to be prepared to say this word: No. The simple fact is if you say “yes,” you can make a Read MoreRead More

How Many Scripts Do You Need to Write to “Get it”

Experience matters. There’s no getting around that. It takes time and practice to get masterful at something. How does that translate into number of scripts you have to write? Scott Myers tackles this question drawing from his own experience. K-9 was the third screenplay I wrote. The first one Stand Up I wrote solo. The second one Dream Car I Read MoreRead More

Script Readers, Hollywood’s Threshold Guardians

Scott Myers illustrates the life of a script reader who’s job is to read and cover terrible scripts in search of a good one. Outside of yourself, the single most important person in the life of your spec script is more than likely the reader assigned to it. Almost no material gets submitted in Hollywood Read MoreRead More

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