The History and Science of Color Film: From Isaac Newton to the Coen Brothers

Color is a subtle tool that can transport us from our ordinary lives to extraordinary worlds of cinema. Peel back the layers of history and look at how color was first understood and implemented in the world of film. You can check out our Full lesson write up including quiz here:  Read More

Train Yourself to See Impossible Colors

Hiding in the shadows between the colors we see everyday are weird, impossible shades, colors that you shouldn’t be able to see and generally don’t… unless you know how. Here’s a simple guide to seeing impossible and imaginary colors. Understanding a little about how humans perceive color is crucial to seeing impossible colors. Our eyes Read MoreRead More

Yellow Slime Mould Powers a Creepy Robot Face

Electrical signals produced when a yellow slime mould moves eagerly towards food or is repulsed by light are used to power a human-like robot face. Why create such an abomination of all that is good in the universe? Because they can, that’s why! Slime mould is clever stuff. It finds the quickest path between Read MoreRead More

The Science of Implanting Artificial Memories

If you thought Inception was a flight of fancy, think again. Implanting memories is already a reality, at least in mice. If you’ve ever been frustrated by erratic memories, spare a thought for the mice involved in a study published in the journal Science. Researchers have been able to consistently create a “false memory,” making a mouse fearful Read MoreRead More

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