Salvador Dali

Salvador Dalí’s 1969 Interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland”

Here is a selection of illustrations by Salvador Dalí for a 1969 publication of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” It’s 1969. Psychedelia gets weirder, the Age of Aquarius dawns, Grace Slick falls down the rabbit hole at Woodstock. Unrest and revolution break out all over the topsy-turvy world. What better time to release a new edition of Lewis Carroll’s Read MoreRead More

Salvador Dalí’s Dream Sequence from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Spellbound”

In the 40s psychoanalysis was all the thing. Hollywood mogul David O Selzneck pressured Alfred Hitchcock to use psychoanalysis as a driving plot point for a film. The result was Spellbound and who else could they turn to for crafting a bizarre dream sequence than the master of surrealism himself: Salvador Dalí. via OpenCultureRead More

Alfred Hitchcock on Working with Salvador Dalí

The Master Alfred Hitchcock explains what it’s like working with the surrealist Salvador Dalí in his 1945 film, Spellbound. In 1945 Alfred Hitchcock had to explain one of Hollywood’s unwritten rules to Salvador Dali: No, you can’t pour live ants all over Ingrid Bergman! Hitchcock had approached Dali for help with a dream sequence in his upcoming thriller, Spellbound, Read MoreRead More

Buñuel and Dalí’s Surrealist Film “Un Chien Andalou”

A. O. Scott looks at a slice of surreal life in Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí’s short film “Un Chien Andalou.” Mr. Scott praises Buñuel’s filmmaking, saying that he was “among the first to discover that the language of cinema could proceed beyond the boundaries of sense and produce powerful and strange effects and emotions.” Read More

Salvador Dali and Disney’s DESTINO

In 1946, Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated on a short film called Destino. Financial concerns caused Disney to cease production with less than 20 seconds of film completed. Sixty years later modern Disney artists completed the film using Dali’s and John Hench’s original storyboards.Read More