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How to Get Better Deliver from Non-Actors for under $200

Ryan E. Walters explains how to use the Eye-Direct – a one-on-one prompting device which can help non-actors feel more comfortable If you’re like me, you’ve done a lot of interviews with non-actors who need to look straight into the camera, and you know how intimidating that can be for the “talent.” As soon as Read MoreRead More

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Start In Stock Video

Want to make money with your gear? Consider creating and selling stock video – Ryan E. Walters breaks it down in a 7 part series about the realities of shooting stock. In 2006, I joined as an exclusive contributor to iStock and entered the world of creating stock footage. My journey over the last seven years has Read MoreRead More

The Reasons Why It’s Bad Business To Be a Cinematographer

Ryan E. Walters reflects on how Cinematography and the problems inherit with the profession. As someone who is committed to lifelong learning and continual self-reflection, this last year has brought with it an evaluation of where I’m at and where I am headed. I’ve come to the conclusion, after a lot of soul searching, that Read MoreRead More

How To Shoot & Light For The Grade

With so much that can be done in post production color grading – how should you expose and light your shots on set? D.P. Ryan E. Walters sheds some light on how to find that sweet spot so you won’t be limited in the editing suite. Adding in film grain and applying film LUTs are Read MoreRead More

Why You Should Be Using ND Filters For Interior Work

Ryan E Walters makes a case for using ND filters even when shooting interiors especially when shooting with a camera that’s capable of LOG or RAW Last week I talked about the importance of in camera filtration, and this week I am going to address why you should be using ND for interior work. Typically, ND filters Read MoreRead More

The Power of Camera Filters

Cinematographer Ryan E Walters talks about why sometimes its better to apply filters on set to dial in the look as opposed to applying effects in post-production. As a cinematographer, one of my responsibilities is to craft the image to reinforce the story I am helping to tell. While lighting, framing, and camera movement are Read MoreRead More

How To Prepare Yourself For RAW with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is starting to get the kinks ironed out and rolling out in mass. But are you ready to shoot with this new format? Ryan E. Walters goes through some of the gotchas with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera workflow. Preparation Prior To Being On Set: Before you even take a step on Read MoreRead More

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