Rolling Shutter

Extreme Rolling Shutter Effects as Art

French video artists Adrien M / Claire B used time remapping to create this extreme Rolling Shutter Effect (closer to Slit Scan Photography - think of  the images you get when you move a something around in a copy machine while it’s still scanning). The resulting video reveals some really trippy and unique effects. Via Peta PixelRead More

After Effects Tutorial: Rolling Shutter Fix

Here is Mike Huetz tutorial for eliminating the “jello effect” caused by CMOS’s rolling shutter. This tutorial uses footage from a Nikon D90 (720, 24fps) you may need to adjust the speed percentage for your footage. This method increases render times, but it should be worth it.Read More

Wet noodles for drumsticks? No – it’s CMOS

With the popularity of the Canon 5d Mkii in the video blogosphere sometimes you forget that everything comes with a tradeoff… …A nice new music video demonstrates that it’s not just camera motion that CMOS chips distort from reality, even motion within the frame, like a drummer drumming (something drummers in bands simply insist on Read MoreRead More

Foundry: Possible Fix for CMOS Rolling Shutter

The Foundry is working on a prototype plug-in to correct some of the distortions created by the rolling shutter on CMOS video cameras. Currently in beta, if all goes well, it should be available relatively soon for a variety of hosts. This video shows FX Guide’s Jeff Heusser ( talking to The Foundry’s Chief Scientis, Read MoreRead More