Understanding the basics of Music Clearance in Film

Entertainment lawyer Christopher Schiller explains some of the basics of music clearance and notes how getting legal rights can easily crescendo into a complicated task. Since before films had dialogue, they’ve had music to accompany the pictures. Music in some form or another has been integral to the cinema experience. And so it should come as Read MoreRead More

What’s the Legality of Writing A Script Based on a News Story?

We’ve all seen a sensationalist news story and thought – that would make a great movie. What are the legalities? Entertainment lawyer Christopher Schiller discusses some of the basic legalities of “based on a true story” but as always with legal advice found online – to be sure, CONSULT AN ATTORNEY. First let’s start with Read MoreRead More

5 Tips on Clearing Music For Your Film

Celine Palavioux presents 5 pointers for getting permission to use recorded music in your film. And I’m not talking about a bad score or a cheesy tune. No, I’m talking about music rights. You only need one unclear copyright and you can say goodbye to your distribution deal or being shown at film festivals. No one Read MoreRead More

Canadian Teen Arrested After Refusing to Delete Photos from His Film Camera

Security guards do not have the right to seize cameras or demand that photographs be deleted even if they were taken on private property. A B.C. teen who aspires to be a journalist says his rights were violated when he was set upon by security guards and then arrested by police after photographing an incident Read MoreRead More