$18 DIY Mic Shield for Eliminating Reverb

Griffin from IndyMogul shares some cheap, household techniques for absorbing unwanted audio reflections, and designs a simple DIY voice over shield, called the Cone of Silence! Two notes worth mentioning: Acoustic Foam used for real sound proofing applications have a much higher density than bedding foam that’s readily available. The density aids in the “deadening” Read MoreRead More

How to Use Convolution for Reverb & Effects

How do Sound Designers create trippy soundscapes and effects? This tutorial on Convolution sheds some light on how these sounds are made. What is an Impulse Response? An Impulse Response (or IR for short) is a sample of an acoustic environment that’s been excited by an impulse. The impulse can be one of two things: Read MoreRead More

Mastering Reverb: Everything You Need to Know

This comprehensive lesson from Audio Tuts+ covers everything you need to know about reverb for your sound and music mixes. Reverb is an incredibly important effect that can add life to a track. How you use it is totally up to you. Reverb can be subtle or blatant, sound natural or add interesting flavors to Read MoreRead More