16 Digital Cinema Cameras put to the test by Radiant Images

Radiant Images put 16 of the latest digital cinema cameras to the test with the help of David Stump, ASC. Each camera was tested and evaluated for under exposure, over exposure, color rendition, green screen, and an extended low light test. Our comprehensive testing enables filmmakers to evaluate and choose cameras and lenses based on Read MoreRead More

When Should you use RAW- and when should you avoid it?

Peter Haas writes up a comprehensive look at what it really takes to shoot RAW on professional cameras as well as the Magic Lantern hack. Shooting raw video seems to be a very loud and persistent buzz from the filmmaking and shooter forums these days, especially so since Magic Lantern announced they had successfully hacked Read MoreRead More

Compairing 8 Different Cameras in a Head to Head Test

Ludovico Bettarello compared 8 different cameras: Nikon D5200, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Nikon D500, Canon 5D MkIII, Canon C500, Sony F55, Red Epic and Arri Alexa in a rather interesting head to head shot comparison. If you like watching pretty girls applying blush to each other – this is the camera comparison video for you!Read More

It’s Just Paint – A Red 6K Test Video Worth Watching

Phil Holland shot this test video using Red’s Dragon sensor of a woman getting reptile makeup applied – continuing their tradition of making test videos that are actually interesting to watch for non-technical reasons. You can check out a 4K version on YouTube for extra pixel peeping.Read More

Temporal Aliasing with Cinema: A Technical Explaination

Red created this great full detailed explaination about what temporal aliasing is and what camera technology overcomes problems inherent in the digital medium. Many modern technologies record and reproduce signals from the real-world. Microphones encode sound waves in conjunction with audio equipment, digital photography quantifies light using arrays of pixels, and cinema cameras record spans Read MoreRead More

RED’s Best Practices for Panning

This guide from Red is a great resource for tips on achieving the best looking pans while considering focal length, frame rate and shutter speeds. Camera panning is one of the most utilized cinematic techniques, and for good reason. It can make otherwise static shots more dynamic, give vistas a more expansive feel, and track Read MoreRead More

The RED Digital Workflow of “Hitchcock”

Shooting on RED Epics at Red Studios in LA, all the DIT work and dailies of the film “Hitchcock” were handled by one operator working on a cart that housed two 12 core Tower Macs fitted with three Red Rocket cards and 70 terabytes of hard drive space. While the film is both entertaining and Read MoreRead More

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