Reality TV

Why Kim Kardashian Famous?!? – Film School’D on the Origins of Reality TV

Was Kim Kardashian the inevitable result once filmmakers set out to capture “real life?” After “documentary” filmmaking was born with Nanook of the North (1922), filmmakers (and TV makers) have been endeavoring to capture reality and show truth on screen. And while Kim Kardashian may not be anyone’s definition of “Real,” she and her reality Read MoreRead More

Does Reality TV Affect Our View On Surveillance?

What have you been watching lately? There’s a good chance (whether you admit to it or not) that you’ve been watching some reality TV. The “Reality TV” genre is mega popular, a massive cultural force, even though it’s not really “reality”. Contrived situations and manipulated scenarios make these shows entertainment rather than documentation, but they Read MoreRead More

Recording Audio for Reality TV

Rocky Wyler explains some of the traps when working sound on a Reality TV Set. When shooting reality television, many challenges come into play for everyone involved, producers, DP’s, audio; and it is important for everyone to work together to face these challenges. Audio has their own set of challenges when shooting reality, and as a Read MoreRead More

Reality Shows May Put Crews Too Close to Cutting Edge

With television budgets getting ever smaller and action-adventure reality series becoming more popular, some production companies are cutting corners when it comes to the safety of their cast and crew. Monica Martino had filmed tornadoes in the Midwest, ship collisions in the Antarctic and crab fishermen in Alaska’s Bering Sea. But those experiences didn’t prepare Read MoreRead More