How To Make Kill Bill’s ‘F*ck U’ Shoes

In Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, one detail that appears on-screen for only a second are the soles of Uma Thurman’s shoes. Those sneakers aren’t off-the-shelf Onitsuka Tigers–they have the phase “FUCK U” molded right into the treading. It’s a prop that Tested wanted to replicate for a long time, and they finally able to do it Read MoreRead More

Money Saving Tips from a Top Production Designer

Mona Nahm offered filmmakers great insights and ideas for creating the overall look for a film gleaned from her 20 years of industry experience. Create a lookbook. Think about production design in the very beginning. When creating the story you want to tell you should have an idea of an era where it all takes Read MoreRead More

Sculpting the Alien Queen Head with Shane Mahan

Shane Mahan shows off his work on the Alien Queen in this behind the scenes article from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Character creators understand that when it comes to design, sculpture, mechanical and paint assignments, it’s all about the face. That’s what’s going to be seen on the poster. That’s what’s going to Read MoreRead More

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