What Constitutes a “Professional” Photographer?

Ming Thein tackles the question of professionalism in terms of photography with many principles that can translate into professional filmmaking world. One commonly asked (and commonly mis-answered) question on the Internet these days is around the definition of what constitutes a ‘professional photographer.’ The usual definition is that it is somebody who is shooting for Read MoreRead More

How to Make Your Screenplay Look Like it was Written by an Amateur

Barri Evans details the tricks used by green screenwriters around the world to ensure that no reader could possibly take their script seriously. If your goal is to be seen as green, I can tell you how to write a screenplay that shouts “amateur!” from the very first page. With a little help from an enthusiastic frog, Read MoreRead More

Can You Pass Off as a Pro Photographer After a Week of Training?

Digital Rev takes an IT specialist with a passing interest in photography and gives him a week of training. Then they pit him up against a professional and with a veteran photographer asked to judge and pick out which is the professional. With the gear all being the same, will the judge be able to Read MoreRead More

18 Facts of Life for Photography Students

Steve Giralt offers these pointers for photography students looking for a career in commercial photography. Though this article is aimed at photographers, it’s easily applicable to filmmakers and almost every type of creative professional. Every year, I go to my alma mater and give a lecture for 3rd-year advertising-photography students on the business of photography. At this Read MoreRead More

5 Tips for Scheduling Video Interviews

Shooting Video interviews for a documentary or corporate video is an essential skill for the video professional – here are a few tips to make it more manageable. I recently finished production on a project where scheduling became a bit of a nightmare. Very busy individuals showed up for interviews that were never confirmed; my Read MoreRead More

I Worked For Free, Now Where’s My DVD???

Almost all projects start with good intentions, but not all projects have the people/money/talent/professionalism to finish the project – Evan Luzi rants on not getting a DVD – a solid reminder to filmmakers and producers that a small token of appreciation should always be in order. Imagine this: after going back and forth for days, Read MoreRead More

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