The Lie Most Frequently Told In Hollywood

Stephanie Palmer identifies what “No” looks like in the creative field and how “Maybe” and “Yes” sound in comparison. You know those stories where the hero is lied to, but doesn’t know it, and the best friend knows about the lie and has to decide whether or not to tell the hero?  With rare exception, Read MoreRead More

What Happens When You Have the Movie Star But No Distribution?

Ingenious wasn’t going anywhere in the festival circuit. Then the co-star Jeremy Renner breaks through and becomes a hot item. How do the filmmakers rebrand the film to take advantage of Renner’s new found fame? There’s a scene in Ingenious where Sam, the seat-of-his-pants flying salesman, convinces Matt, the quirk-filled inventor, to gamble away the money Read MoreRead More

A Guide to Hollywood Unions

In Hollywood, making movies is big business. And were there is big business, the workers unite to form unions. The following list is a sampling of the unions that every large production in Los Angeles will work with in the process of making a film. Read More

Something Educational & Something F*cking Stupid: LLC vs LP + Helium Dog

We post lots of stuff about contracts, the law and other boring topics. I believe they are some of the most important articles on IQ. Although it may not be much of a surprise that they are the least read. So, in a effort to provide a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down we created this new series, “Something Educational & Something F*cking Stupid.”Read More

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