From the Lens: Breaking Down A Script As Director Of Photography

Nathan Blair writes about breaking down a script from a DP’s point of view. Everything should be in the script, and the production team can use that as a common ground to start up a conversation surrounding the production. When I’m not on set, I’m usually breaking down scripts, or researching for a variety of Read MoreRead More

Rian Johnson’s “Looper” Pitch Video

This is a strange curiosity I thought might be interesting – just after I finished the script for Looper but before we began preproduction I asked Joe to record some voice-over, and with help from my friend Ronen Verbit constructed this “fake trailer” using clips from other movies. This is a fairly common thing to Read MoreRead More

Crowdfunding rules relaxed, Raise a Million Dollars over the Internet

A Bi-Partisan decision by the United States Congress is relaxing some of the federal restrictions on raising funds for business ventures. A general purpose aid to give businesses access to cash may work out for Filmmakers enabling them to solicit up to one million dollars. Read More

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