What does it mean to “Conform the Negative” on a Film?

Understanding the post production process can be a bit frustrating – the Post Lab asked Producer Will Adashek to elaborate on the meaning of some of these terms. In today’s digital world, what does it mean to “conform” your negative? The digital conform process is actually very similar in concept to the days of editing Read MoreRead More

How a VFX Supervisor will save you a tonne of money

Hannah Newman-Smart explains how having your post effects team overseeing your production from the start will ultimately save you cash and headaches in the long run. VFX and SFX is the fun bit of filmmaking, right? Explosions that look cool and blow up everything on the screen, they can make Harry Potter and the Gryffindor Quidditch Read MoreRead More

Win $500 Worth of Video Templates, Audio Files and Website Templates

Putting together a multi-media video package? Even if you’re not, Envato has put together a Video Production Bundle that might just be too good to pass up. From now until June 26th you can purchase and download a production bundle valued at over $500 for just $29 bucks!! This bundle includes 3 Website templates from Read MoreRead More

21 Cinematic Title Tutorials for After Effects

Wow the audience with a larger than life Hollywood Blockbuster title sequence! We’ve gather together 21 tutorials showing how to create titles of some of the most popular films around which you can tweak and make work for your next film.Read More

Head in the Clouds – Adobe Officially Unveils New Creative Cloud

Today at Adobe MAX, an annual celebration of all things Adobe, the multimedia production company launched their vision of what a future Adobe landscape would look like: First the press release: LOS, ANGELES — May 6, 2013— At Adobe MAX, The Creativity Conference, Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today accelerated its shift to the cloud with a major update toAdobe® Creative Cloud™, the Read MoreRead More

The Hobbit Vlog #9: Post Production

Previous Hobbit vlog entries saw Peter Jackson and the crew trekking across New Zealand, Now that principal photography is done, the work is turned over a team of animators, artists, colorists, sound designers, and composers. Older Entries: Part 1-2 Part 3-4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8Read More

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to “Fix it in Post”

With the wealth of digital tools for post production, it’s easy to put things off for later. But usually the phrase “fix it in post” is a precursor to disaster. If you’re a filmmaker, you’ve no doubt heard someone say, “It’s okay, we’ll fix it in post.” You may have even been the someone who Read MoreRead More

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