5 Tried and True Portrait Cropping Techniques

Ben Lucas shares 5 basic portrait cropping conventions to help you in your photographic compositions. Cropping a portrait properly takes a lot more thought than just putting their face in the middle. Here are five quick tips to ensure you get a compelling portrait. Crop Mid-limb, Not at the Joints When you crop a photo Read MoreRead More

An In-Depth Guide to Lighting People

Bridging the gap between photography and cinematography is the heart of truly good visual filmmaking. Here’s a tutorial about how to build your portrait lighting capabilities by Simon Bray What Do You Want To Achieve? The first thing to establish is what you want to achieve in your shoot as it’s important you know what Read MoreRead More

Tips for Creative Portraits from Miss Aniela

Photographer-artist Miss Aniela shot to internet fame with her series of heavily stylised images, including many self-portraits. Here are her top photography tips for shooting more creative portraits. Use props imaginatively Using a magnifying glass in Tusk (below) enabled me to turn a simple beauty portrait into something quirkier. The blue of the magnified eye made the overall colour Read MoreRead More