New Interview Series Exploring the World of Indie Film from Borgus Network

Our friends at Borgus Network have put together a series of interviews featuring filmmaker Foris Day that explore the world of indie film & screenwriting with the top experts in the industry: Included in this playlist are: Hollywood exec Carole Kirschner tips for moving to Los Angeles: BBC Producer John Yorke on using 5 acts instead of Read MoreRead More

40 Filmmaking Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

We’ve scoured the corners of internets and came up with an informative and entertaining list of podcasts covering all aspects filmmaking: from scriptwriting to special effects, producing to directing, and just plain ol’ yak about our favorite (and least favorite) films. Read More

Cinematographer Philip Bloom on LA Talk Radio’s Film Courage

Cinematographer Philip Bloom skypes into Film Courage to tell us how often he is satisfied with his work, why he left a safe and secure job for the unknown, how he has gone about building his website and his audience, and his thoughts on DSLR images in theatrical environments.Read More

Film Finance Expert Jeff Steele on LA Talk Radio’s Film Courage

In this podcast, Film Financial Jeff Steele talks about how he went from Production Assistant to CFO, how to deal with egos in Hollywood, how to increase your Financial IQ, the three pillars in film and the monumental shift occurring in the democratization of film.Read More