A Simple Trick To Shoot Better Sunsets That Almost Anyone Can Do

It’s a perfect sunset and you left your graduated ND filter at home – how do you capture nature’s beauty while trying to expose correctly the sky and the ground? Here’s a clever low-fi trick that works for exposures longer than 2 seconds. I enjoy the saturated colors and versatile light that comes just after Read MoreRead More

Judd Apatow & Matt Mahurin Talk Photography and Filmmaking with Mark Seliger

Judd Apatow & Matt Mahurin join Mark Seliger to talk about photographing tragedy, finding humanity with comedy, and meeting their heroes. From Tom Waits to Seth Rogen and Steve Martin to Henri Cartier-Bresson, they share stories of collaborating throughout their careers.  Read More

What an Estimate for a 3-Day $100,000 Photo Shoot Looks Like

Jess Dudely goes through the budget and estimate for a six figure commercial photography job. Here’s how I arrived at those numbers: Concept/Licensing: The agency came to us with four distinct concepts/ads, each portraying a specific product in use at home or in a business. The client had already selected the talent (real customers), from a Read MoreRead More

To Shoot Better Video, Focus on Photography

David Geffen discusses crossing the increasingly blurry divide between video and stills and how these two disciplines can learn from each other. Whenever I see poorly executed video though, I can’t help but think back to this quote: “So many people think cameras and lenses are getting better. They are. But cameras are stupid no Read MoreRead More

KaleidoCamera – Light Manipulation like You’ve Never Seen Before

German researchers at  Saarland University are developing a module that goes between the lens and a  DSLR that adds High Dynamic Range, Polarization and even light field image recording (Like the Lytro camera – which enables after the fact focusing). WITH their sophisticated image sensors and software, digital cameras are already great at making us look like Read MoreRead More

10 Landscape Photography Mistakes Every Photographer Makes (and How to Fix Them)

Angela Nicholson put together a list of the most common landscape photography mistakes every photographer is guilty of at one point or another, and some great advice to help you avoid any landscape errors in the future. Some people seem to have a gift for holding a camera level, while others appear have the complete Read MoreRead More

How to Talk to Strangers: 7 Tips For Photographing People

Have you ever been nervous about taking a picture of a total stranger? If you would like to know how to become more comfortable with people in just a few seconds, artist and photographer Adam Marelli is going to share seven useful lessons in photographing people. From how to set up a composition before even Read MoreRead More

Colour Contrast: Making the Most of Orange and Blue

Andrew Gibson discusses using the complementary colors of blue and orange to create dramatic color combinations in your photography. One of the principles behind using colour in photography is that of using contrasting colours. To understand the concept we need to look at a colour wheel – a type of diagram used by designers to Read MoreRead More

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