Making a Movie Without a Hollywood Budget and Big Crew

This B&H seminar provides information on how to take a personal project from concept to reality and maximize its potential in the marketplace. Gail Mooney’s film Opening Our Eyes won Best Documentary at the 2012 Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival, Best Documentary at the 2012 Orlando Film Festival, Utopian Visionary Award at the 2012 Read MoreRead More

The Beauty of Space Photography

Space presents a fantastic mystery to human life. Unfathomably large, with characteristics that defy our experience and understanding, the stars have perplexed and amazed humanity for our entire recorded history, and likely before. In the present, astrophysicists and astronomers are aggressively studying the universe in an attempt to solve critical scientific and philosophical questions. One Read MoreRead More

How to Be a Headshot Hotshot

Join award-winning headshot photographer Rod Goodman as he goes behind the curtain to shed light on the creation of a headshot. With an emphasis on capturing the essence of a subject while creating a marketable headshot, Goodman will discuss both the technical and creative aspects of this subtle art form. Topics will include: camera equipment Read MoreRead More

Photography in the Music Industry with Rob Shanahan

Rob Shanahan is one of the world’s most published photographers in the music industry. His photos have appeared in numerous ad campaigns, CD/DVD covers, books, galleries, and magazines around the globe. He is Ringo Starr’s personal photographer and has been working closely with him since 2004, photographing and designing his tour books, DVDs, and records Read MoreRead More

Chimpanzee’s Photographs Set to Fetch Over $100,000 At Auction

This is how it begins. James Franco was right. They are rising! Having photographs sell for more than $100,000 at a world famous auction house is no small feat, and it’s one that will likely soon be accomplished by a photographer who gives new meaning to the term “chimping” every time he snaps a frame. Read MoreRead More

The Dude Abides on the Other Side of the Lens

Take a look at the on set photography of Jeff Bridges. Some photographers are drawn to dramatic events in exotic lands. Others are compelled to stay closer to home and burrow into the stories they know best. The actor Jeff Bridges gets to do both. He photographs the world he grew up in, movie sets — each Read MoreRead More

The First Portable Movie Camera Was This 12 FPS Rifle

The next time you complain about this camera or that camera not having high frame rate capability, remember back to the first portable movie camera that had a 25 image magazine and a rifle stock. The design of the first Chronograph (this is how they called it) was made by French scientist Étienne-Jules Marey and debuted at Read MoreRead More

Creating Pictures of Fried Chicken for the KFC Website

Teri Campbell breaks down his approach to creating new iconic photos for a fried chicken franchise. My studio had already been shooting nearly all of KFC’s print work for more than a year when their in-house creative group first contacted us. Turns out they found us through a Google search, and didn’t even realize we had Read MoreRead More

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