10 Landscape Photography Mistakes Every Photographer Makes (and How to Fix Them)

Angela Nicholson put together a list of the most common landscape photography mistakes every photographer is guilty of at one point or another, and some great advice to help you avoid any landscape errors in the future. Some people seem to have a gift for holding a camera level, while others appear have the complete Read MoreRead More

How to Talk to Strangers: 7 Tips For Photographing People

Have you ever been nervous about taking a picture of a total stranger? If you would like to know how to become more comfortable with people in just a few seconds, artist and photographer Adam Marelli is going to share seven useful lessons in photographing people. From how to set up a composition before even Read MoreRead More

Colour Contrast: Making the Most of Orange and Blue

Andrew Gibson discusses using the complementary colors of blue and orange to create dramatic color combinations in your photography. One of the principles behind using colour in photography is that of using contrasting colours. To understand the concept we need to look at a colour wheel – a type of diagram used by designers to Read MoreRead More

The Language of Inspiration: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Photographer Jake Garn sets out to answer his number one frequently asked question… “Where do you get your ideas?” Using original photos, videos, illustrations and animations to show that inspired ideas are all around us all of the time and just waiting for you to set them free! It’s a photography class and creative workshop Read MoreRead More

Inside Teri Campbell’s Food Photography Studio

Take a tour of food photographer Teri Campbell’s beautiful studio. Typical photography studios are defined by their high ceilings, lack of windows, piles of equipment and sparse furnishings. But when I began renovating my current studio, (twelve years ago), I knew I wanted something different. I wanted a space that was bright and made my Read MoreRead More

Photographer Greg Williams on How He Photographed Kate Winslet

Celebrity portrait photographer Greg Williams explains the process of how he got this shot of actress Kate Winslet. This was shot for Madame Figaro. You see Kate shot through a doorframe, visible at the top and right-hand side. What we call a dirty foreground. The house we used has glass floors which we’re below. I love Read MoreRead More

Improving Composition with Tonal Contrast

Looking to improve the look of your photography and filmmaking… try deliberately playing with tonal contrast – especially important when working in black and white: If you were to ask me for two ways that you could improve the composition of your photos, the first piece of advice I would give you is to keep Read MoreRead More

How to Create an Indoor Blizzard

Commercial photographer Joey L. demonstrates how he achieved the look of a blistery winter snowstorm safely inside a New York Studio space. I wanted to create a dramatic portrait series of “arctic explorers” which appeared to be taken outside in a blizzard. The concept for this shoot was something I’ve been mulling over for quite Read MoreRead More

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