An Open Letter to New Photographers (and Directors)

Here are a few tips for the photographer coming from the other side of the lens. Dear (new-ish) Photographer, My name is Model. I would love it if when you shoot me you take these things into consideration to achieve the greatest effect for us both. – Male or female, give some playful banter. It Read MoreRead More

The Copyright Zone Guys

Everything you want to know about Copyright and other legal issues, but were too scared to ask. There is a boatload of bad information, myths, factoids, and half-truths about Copyright and other photo related legal issues, like model releases, floating around. Photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer Ed Greenberg will both demystify and illuminate in their Read MoreRead More

Storytelling Made Easy – Marcus Donner on How to Tell a Story Through Images

Great photos and video don’t happen by accident. It’s a balancing act of good planning and quick thinking. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, everyone wants their photos and videos to tell a compelling story. In this presentation, Marcus Donner, who has been telling people’s stories in pictures for more than 20 years, Read MoreRead More

5 Critical Tips for Travel Photographers

Joey L. shares some battle-hardened tips from traveling abroad on assignment or personal photography. My first tip for traveling photographers is to protect your gear from theft. There are theives in every part of the world, not just developing countries. They know how much your pretty camera can fetch for on a black market, and Read MoreRead More

The Top 15 Features of Photoshop Every Photographer Should Know

Sure, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of tools and commands in Adobe Photoshop, but Jeff will teach you the top 15 to get you retouching faster and more effectively. If you are a photographer, you are not concerned with 3D, video features and hundreds of other commands. Learn the 15 key features of Read MoreRead More

Wildlife Photographer Disguises Himself as a Swan to Get Close to Other Birds

How do you get close to a duck? Perhaps start by buying her a drink. Wildlife photographer Henryk Janowski has an awesome and ingenious way of getting close to his subjects: he swims around in a bird blind that’s designed to look like a large white swan. Much of his photography is done in a local swamp Read MoreRead More

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