Talking to Photographer and Actor Norman Reedus & Elvis Photographer Al Wertheimer

Norman Reedus and Al Wertheimer join Mark Seliger to talk about their books of photography: “Elvis and the Birth of Rock And Roll”, and “The Sun is Coming Up Like a Big Bald Head.” Al Wertheimer shares stories of traveling with and photographing Elvis Presley and Norman Reedus talks about the unsettling images that he Read MoreRead More

Five Kind-of-Weird Photography Tips No One Ever Told You

Photography and film aren’t that far apart – we share common visual language and techniques – here are 5 tips from Noam Galai for finding inspiration in your work. Think in the shower* Being a photographer that shoots on location everyday, and then come home and sit in front of the computer for many hours Read MoreRead More

Top 14 tips for getting KILLER stills that will help sell your film

With a flooded marketplace, having that stand out still for your Press kit is essential to your film’s success. Here are a few things to consider in your journey to capture that killer still. 1. Understand that this is not art… pictures should look like the movie Get photos that look like they are from Read MoreRead More

What Constitutes a “Professional” Photographer?

Ming Thein tackles the question of professionalism in terms of photography with many principles that can translate into professional filmmaking world. One commonly asked (and commonly mis-answered) question on the Internet these days is around the definition of what constitutes a ‘professional photographer.’ The usual definition is that it is somebody who is shooting for Read MoreRead More

Taking Your First Steps With Product Photograph

Simon Bray explains the basics of getting started with simple product photography. From the outside, product photography seems like fairly standard photographic practice. But I recently asked a friend who works for an e-commerce company about how he engages with product photography and it completely changed my mindset. His job is to optimize online stores to Read MoreRead More

5 Tried and True Portrait Cropping Techniques

Ben Lucas shares 5 basic portrait cropping conventions to help you in your photographic compositions. Cropping a portrait properly takes a lot more thought than just putting their face in the middle. Here are five quick tips to ensure you get a compelling portrait. Crop Mid-limb, Not at the Joints When you crop a photo Read MoreRead More

15 Tips for Starting Your Successful Photography Business

Have you been thinking about taking your hobby and turning it into a money making business? Jeff will tell you how he did that, and share his successes and “failures turned to lessons learned”. There are many people talking about the demise of the photography industry and the challenges of making a reasonable income with Read MoreRead More

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