TEDx: Steve Duncan – What I’ve Learned from Exploring Sewers

Steve Duncan  is a New-York-based urban historian and photographer who has explored and photographed sewers and underground infrastructure beneath New York, Paris, London, Rome, Naples, Stockholm, Berlin, Moscow, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Calcutta, and many other cities. He served as the host of a Discovery Channel show on urban history from 2004 to 2005, Read MoreRead More

Direction of Light: Your Key to Better Portrait Photography

Neil van Niekerk: It is all about the direction and the quality of the light. Whether you use natural light, on-camera flash, off-camera flash, multiple light setups or video light — it all comes down to exactly that – the direction and quality of light. Once you recognize this aspect of photography and lighting, then the Read MoreRead More

Using Light to Shape Landscape Photography

Simon Bray shares a few tips on how to get the most out of natural light when working with landscapes. The Golden Hours The golden hours are no secret, any serious landscape photographer will have utilised the warm sunlight at dawn and dusk, but unlike many photographic techniques, it’s not yet become tiresome and over Read MoreRead More

The Documentary Project: A Longterm Engagement That Culminates in a Book

Join professional photographer Magdalena Solé for an information packed lecture on her documentary project. The talk is based on her two years of work in the Mississippi Delta culminating in the release of a book. By introducing her new book “New Delta Rising” she will explore a series of topics: including the process of photographing Read MoreRead More

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