What Are Literature, Philosophy & History For? Alain de Botton Explains with Monty Python-Style Videos

Alain de Botton presents three short films about why we study Literature, Philosophy and History Once upon a time, questions about the use-value of art were the height of philistinism. “All art is quite useless,” wrote the aesthete Oscar Wilde, presaging the attitudes of modernists to come. Explaining this statement in a letter to a Read MoreRead More

George Lucas on the Meaning of Life

Maria Popova explores the Star Wars Creator’s thoughts on the life and the universe. Scholars who have studied myth and religion for many years and have connected all of the theories spawned over the ages about life and consciousness and who have taken away the superficial trappings, have come up with the same sensibility. They Read MoreRead More

Does Fiction Exist? (ft. Harry Potter) | Idea Channel

We all know who Harry Potter is, and can conjure an image of him in our minds. There are specific properties that make a Harry THE Harry (glasses, scar, wand, etc), so it’s safe to say that we’re all sharing a consistent idea. But do these physical properties mean that Harry Potter EXISTS? Harry Potter Read MoreRead More

What’s the Deal With Unboxing Videos? | Idea Channel

With every new product release comes a glorious wealth of new Unboxing videos. For the uninitiated, unboxing videos are exactly what they sound like. A person gets a new thing, and film themselves removing it from the packaging. But why do people film these videos, and why do others WATCH these videos? Well for one Read MoreRead More

A Guide to Happiness: Alain de Botton Shows How Six Great Philosophers Can Change Your Life

This six part series on philosophy is presented by popular British philosopher Alain de Botton, featuring six thinkers who have influenced history, and their ideas about the pursuit of the happy life. 1. Socrates on Self-Confidence 2. Epicurus on Happiness 3. Seneca on Anger 4. Montaigne on Self-Esteem 5. Schopenhauer on Love 6. Nietzsche on HardshipRead More

Are There TWO Nikola Teslas? | PBS Studios – Idea Channel

Unless you’re new to the internet, you probably know that Tesla was an incredibly popular scientist and inventor who was WAY ahead of his time. But was he really the valiant underdog against the Goliath of Edison that we’ve come to know and understand? Despite what you may think, there are actually TWO Teslas – Read MoreRead More

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