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First Impressions of the Digital Bolex – Philip Bloom

Early backer Philip Bloom delivers first impressions of the Digital Bolex – a Super 16mm CCD digital cinema camera with a traditional bolex shape:  I backed the Digital Bolex on Kickstarter back on March 13th last year. It was a very nerve-wracking thing to do. Despite the legendary name of Bolex attached to it, itself Read MoreRead More

From Chicago to the Moon: Using 4K resolution reframing creatively

Philip Bloom explains how he used 4K footage from the Canon 1DC, Sony F55, and up to 1600mm of glass to make a 2K film. You can check out the full film here: Yes it’s another post where 4K video features highly. You just can’t get away from it! But this post is not about Read MoreRead More

The Making of a Corporate Documentary

Philip Bloom explains the process of making a corporate documentary by taking you behind the scenes of his shoot for Facebook. It’s rare that I can blog about my commercial work. Normally NDA, privacy, and a million other reasons mean that the work I normally talk about is my personal work. Although that’s not always Read MoreRead More

Philip Bloom Reviews the Black Magic Cinema Camera Micro Four-Thirds

Bloom looks at the Micro Four-Thirds variant of the Black Magic Cinema Camera and how the change of lens mount may actually make the camera more suited to his shooting style. There were many pros and cons. Which outweighed which depended upon the indiviual needs, hence I just listed them. One of the biggest issues Read MoreRead More

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