A Beginner’s Guide to Drone Filmmaking: 5 Steps

Bryce Renninger flies through 5 steps to get up in the air with drone photography. The shots of New York, Berlin and other cities from above, the slow motion poetic explorations of summer afternoons, the panoramic aerial glimpses of Burning Man… they’re gorgeous, and they’re all made possible with the help of tiny cameras attached Read MoreRead More

FOR.A introduces a 4K camera capable of Super Slow Motion – 900fps

FOR.A is trying to give the Phantom Camera a run for its money. 4K (4096 x 2160) Global Shutter CMOS Sensor PL Mount Up to 900 frames per second 8.5 Seconds Recording at 900fps 30 Seconds Recording at 360fps uncompressed raw data on internal (RAM) memory SSD cartridges capable of storing 75 seconds at 4K, up Read MoreRead More