Patrick Doyle

6 Movie Composers on Severed Heads, Stubborn Directors and Feeling ‘Like Frankenstein’

Alexandre Desplat (Argo, Moonrise Kindgom), Mychael Danna (Life of Pi), Marco Beltrami, (The Sessions), Patrick Doyle (Brave), Danny Elfman (Tim Burton’s films, Hitchcock, Silver Linings Playbook), Fernando Velazquez (The Impossible) sound off on their professional passions at the Warner Bros. Studio’s Eastwood Scoring Stage. Writing music often is a solitary pursuit, so it was no wonder that when six renowned Read MoreRead More

Scoring the Music of Pixar Films

Much of the magic of Pixar’s Animated films comes from the wonderful be it the lackadaisical melodies of Randy Newman in Toy Story or the haunting waltz from Up by Michael Giacchino. Here is a behind the scenes look at where the musical magic happens. View the Playlist on YouTubeRead More