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What is Fiction? (ft. War of the Worlds) | PBS Idea Channel

What IS fiction? That’s the question that popped into our minds when thinking about Orson Welles’ radio War of the Worlds performance, which set off a public panic of listeners who thought NJ was truly being attacked by aliens. Now those aliens didn’t really exist, since it was all pretend. But on the other hand, Read MoreRead More

Chaos of “War of the Worlds” remembered 75 years later

CBS’s Jim Axelrod talks to William Herz, the last surviving member of Orson Welles’ Mercury Theater which terrorized the radio waves with their War of the Worlds Broadcast in 1938 At the age of 97, William Herz has a lifetime of memories to look back upon, but there’s one dating back 75 years that stands out. Read MoreRead More

James Cameron Hosts Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds”

From FlyingBearFilmSchool: Not only large scale sci-fiers (FALLING SKIES, V, INDPENDENCE DAY), but the small “lost footage” thriller like THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and CHRONICLE all owe their very existence to THE WAR OF THE WORLDS – specifically Orson Welles’ legendary radio broadcast more so than H.G. Welles’ Victorian era novel. A masterpiece of illusion, Read MoreRead More

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