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A brief history of USB, what it replaced, and what has failed to replace it

It’s ubiquitous – the everyday USB  connector, here’s the history of this common data port came to be. Like all technology, USB has evolved over time. Despite being a “Universal” Serial Bus, in its 18-or-so years on the market it has spawned multiple versions with different connection speeds and many, many types of cables. The Read MoreRead More

The many meanings of Michelangelo’s Statue of David – James Earle

We typically experience classic works of art in a museum, stripped of their original contexts, but that serene setting can belie a tumultuous history. Take Michelangelo’s statue of David: devised as a religious symbol, adopted as a political emblem, and later iconized for its aesthetic beauty. James Earle walks us through the statue’s journey, to Read MoreRead More

Why You Should Stop Taking Notes on Your Computer

Belle Beth Cooper explains why taking notes by hand may still be the best choice for retaining information. I take a lot of notes. Whether it’s for an article I’m writing or during a meeting, I’m always scribbling away. I tend to vacillate between talking scrappy notes on paper or trying to keep them organised Read MoreRead More

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