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Ancient Art, Modern Steel – Inside the World of Long Sword Fighting

Using Medieval training texts, enthusiasts are resurrecting old European martial arts as a modern organized sport. A hotel ballroom in Ellicott City, Md., seemed an unlikely setting for a four-day competition involving ancient martial arts, Longpoint 2014. “Fight!” the referee called out. Axel Pettersson, 29, raised his sword above his head and waited. When his Read MoreRead More

11 Tips for Self-Education in the Internet Age

If we are not actively curious, knowledge-seeking inquirers—we cannot hope to attain significant insight or understanding in any area of study. Here are 11 ideas for an efficient and holistic approach to self-education. 1. Tackle what is beyond you. ‘In a poignant essay, writer and computer programmer Paul Graham wrote of a way to protect Read MoreRead More

What is a tweet worth? | PBS Idea Channel

By now, EVERYONE knows about the Ice Bucket Challenge (unless you’ve somehow avoided contact with the internet for the past month). While it has been incredibly successful in terms of dollars raised, lots of the videos fail to mention donations, and many people question the value of the campaign. Are these videos “slacktivism”, helping only Read MoreRead More

Understanding the Color Managed Workflow

The task of printing has always been part art and part science. Let Jeff Lazell walk you throughout the ins and outs of printing in the color managed world. Jeff was the post-production manager at New York City’s premiere wedding and event photography studio and an expert on color management with almost a decade in Read MoreRead More

A brief history of USB, what it replaced, and what has failed to replace it

It’s ubiquitous – the everyday USB  connector, here’s the history of this common data port came to be. Like all technology, USB has evolved over time. Despite being a “Universal” Serial Bus, in its 18-or-so years on the market it has spawned multiple versions with different connection speeds and many, many types of cables. The Read MoreRead More

The many meanings of Michelangelo’s Statue of David – James Earle

We typically experience classic works of art in a museum, stripped of their original contexts, but that serene setting can belie a tumultuous history. Take Michelangelo’s statue of David: devised as a religious symbol, adopted as a political emblem, and later iconized for its aesthetic beauty. James Earle walks us through the statue’s journey, to Read MoreRead More

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