Music Video

How to Direct a Music Video

From Videomaker: Directing music videos requires the skillful mixing of three rare traits: a good sense of style and creativity, strong leadership, and an extensive knowledge of technology. Though it might seem like few could fit this bill, we’ll show you some helpful tips that can help anyone make sure their talent and crew give them Read MoreRead More

“Sweater” – A music video using 3 projectors to create virtual environments

Rear Projection has been a staple of Hollywood special effects – this music video directed by Filip Sterckx modernizes the old technique, projecting an environment on two walls at the floor.Read More

Spike Jonze Interview

In this interview, Spike Jonze (director of ‘Being John Malkovich’, ‘Adaption’, and the upcoming ‘Where The Wild Things Are’) discusses his early music video and short film work. This episode predates the Directors Label DVD collection by about 4 years and contains interviews not available elsewhere. cameraman/interviewer: Lance Bangs Contains the following work: *Fatboy Slim Read MoreRead More

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