Kevin Smith on How He Avoided an NC-17 Sex Scene

As a veteran of battles over his films Clerks, Jersey Girl, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Kevin Smith is intimately familiar with the MPAA Ratings Board. The issues with those first two efforts were largely linguistic. Zack and Miri, not so much. The ever-voluble writer-director explained how, exactly, he was able to avoid Read MoreRead More

The Twenty Best MPAA Ratings

Zach Tropf collects 20 ratings and the bizarre reasons given by the MPAA. 1. Twister (1996): PG-13 Rating Reason: Rated PG-13 for intense depiction of very bad weather. Distributor: Warner Bros., A Division Of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. Let us start off with a true classic rating. No mention of airborne bovine, and they passed up Read MoreRead More

The MPAA Prohibits Blood in Trailers so it is Often Colored Black

Because of MPAA rules U.S. movie trailers cannot show blood, so blood is often colored black to gain approval. Trailers that do not obey this and other rules, such as; foul language and violent, sexual, or otherwise objectionable imagery may be issued a red band, which indicates approval for only “restricted” or “mature” audiences. These Read MoreRead More

Porn Studio Awarded $1.5 Million From Man Who Shared 10 Movies

A couple years ago, Kywan Fisher paid for membership to the adult movie house Flava Works and downloaded 10 porn flicks to his computer. He then uploaded them to BitTorrent, where they were downloaded 3,449 times. What Fisher didn’t realize is the movies had watermarks that traced back to the subscriber who downloaded them. In Read MoreRead More

MPAA “The Don’ts and Be Carefuls” (1927)

In 1927 the MPAA (then called the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America) made a list of what they called “The Dont’s and Be Carefuls.” It contained 11 things that should never appear in a film “irrespective of the manner in which they are treated” (“Don’ts”), and 25 things where “special care be exercised” before being included (“Be Carefuls”).Read More

The Internet Goes on Strike over SOPA, Productivity Skyrockets

Now that Occupy Wall Street is dead the interwebs are abuzz with a new protest meme denouncing SOPA. This should not be confused with their decades long protest against soap.Read More

The MPAA Thinks You’re Stupid

For years, the MPAA has prohibited weapons from being pointed at the “viewer” in advertising, presumably for fear that it will freak them out. That’s why they told the director of Watchmen, Zack Snyder, that he couldn’t have a guy pointing a gun at the audience in the trailer. Snyder replaced the gun with a Read MoreRead More