RØDELink Newsshooter Kit Features & Specifications

RØDE is doubling down on their popular wireless microphone system with a Newsshooter kit. This new product offers a wireless transmitter that can plug in directly into XLR or even the Micon connector on their lav microphones. Other cool features are a headphone connector right on the transmitter so you can keep an ear on Read MoreRead More

RØDE Announces New Wireless System, New Shotgun Series NTG4 and Ribbon Microphone with NTR

If you’re in the market for a good wireless system – RØDE may have just what you need. RØDE is pleased to announce the RØDELink fully digital wireless audio system. Using a next-generation 2.4GHz, 128-bit encrypted digital transmission sent on two channels simultaneously, RØDELink provides a high-resolution 24-bit/44.1k digital audio signal at a range of up Read MoreRead More

How Shotgun Microphones Work

How do shotgun mics achieve such a tight polar pattern compared with other designs? And how come they seem to be getting shorter every year? Shotgun or rifle mics are more properly called ‘Interference Tube’ microphones, and they are often assumed to have magically tight polar patterns that simply don’t exist in reality. Shotgun mics do Read MoreRead More

How To Record Audio For An Interview

  When you’re filming an interview, the audio recording of the interviewee’s voice is the most important element of your production. That’s right, the MOST important element. It’s so common for filmmakers to spend hours on set design and lighting and only a few minutes on audio. Without sound, all you’re left with is a Read MoreRead More

Maximizing Audio Techniques for Production

A special 3-Hour Learning Lab with Sennheiser’s David Missall, who reviews the best techniques for the best sound covering a variety of microphone basics for boom, shotgun, lapel, interview and wireless applications with a tutorial on how to eliminate unwanted noise. A mock scene will be recorded and played back to practice (and then review) Read MoreRead More

Tips for Getting the Best Sound – Weapons of Mass Production

Sound and audio are essential for the quality of your YouTube video, In this episode they show how to pick-up sound on location, as well as how to adjust sound for specific settings. In this episode we experiment with different sound recording techniques and tools to understand how we can get Hollywood-level sound, maybe without Read MoreRead More

25 DIY Tutorials for Video & Music Audio

Audio is one of the most important aspects of you film. Some may say it is even more important than video. Unfortunately if on a small budget you may not be able to afford for all the expensive equipment required for great sound. With that in mind, we created this list of25 DIY Audio Tutorials to help stretch that budget.Read More

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