Generation Like | Frontline

Thanks to social media, teens are able to directly interact with their culture — celebrities, movies, brands — in ways never before possible. But is that real empowerment? Or do marketers hold the upper hand? In “Generation Like,” Douglas Rushkoff explores how the teen quest for identity has migrated to the web — and exposes Read MoreRead More

Booth Babes Don’t Work

Marketing Developer Spencer Chen tackles the practice of Booth Babes – using scantily clad girls at tradeshows to drum up business. Unfortunately… they don’t work out so good… This past week Las Vegas played host to the annual CES conference and concurrently, the annual chiding of tech companies by tech press for their time-honored tradition Read MoreRead More

Top 14 tips for getting KILLER stills that will help sell your film

With a flooded marketplace, having that stand out still for your Press kit is essential to your film’s success. Here are a few things to consider in your journey to capture that killer still. 1. Understand that this is not art… pictures should look like the movie Get photos that look like they are from Read MoreRead More

Movie Marketing Advice from Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein sent this quick memo to Errol Morris on his appearance on NPR to promote the film “The Thin Blue Line”: Dear Errol: Heard your NPR interview and you were boring. You couldn’t have dragged me to see THE THIN BLUE LINE if my life depended on it. It’s time you start being a Read MoreRead More

10 Tips on Designing a Movie Poster

Chris Jones offers 10 tips for designing movie posters aimed at grabbing the eye of a sales agents, distributors or audience members. 1. The poster is NOT a piece of art… well of course it is art, and I love movie posters, they adorn my walls. But I suspect they never began life as artwork that Read MoreRead More

The Sausage Grinder that is Movie Press Junkets

Tim is a segment producer in London for Entertainment-themed television shows. He explains in this letter to John August why you won’t learn much about the craft of filmmaking from watching press junkets for upcoming movies. Other than these two examples, I’m struggling to think of too many other occasions when the writer has played Read MoreRead More

The Hobbit Vlog #8 – Hobbits at Comic Con

The 8th “Hobbit” Production Video Blog from Peter Jackson. This production blog includes the “Hobbit” at Comic Con including all the actors like Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen. With the Hobbit done filming principal photography, the long post-production process has begun. Future installments of the video blog will include a look behind the scenes of post-production.Read More

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