Exposition: Do modern audiences want less of it in stories?

In his class on Exposition, Scott Myers discusses how modern audiences have less patience for overt exposition. Just in general, I think modern audiences need less exposition than they used to. We see this with the compression of events in what comprises a typical Act One in contemporary scripts. If you go back and watch movies from Read MoreRead More

Director Rian Johnson Explains The Difficult Path to ‘Looper’

Rian Johnson opens up about the long road of writing and getting financing for his Looper. Writer/director Rian Johnson‘s Looper is an intricately told film. Nearly every scene in the movie is packed full of new information, from character development to world building. As Johnson explains finding that structure, it was like creating stepping stones across a pond for Read MoreRead More

The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Writer/Director Rian Johnson on Looper

Rian Johnson discusses the most pivotal scene in his time travel mind-bender Looper, as told to Kyle Buchanan of It’s the obvious one: the diner scene between Bruce and Joe, which is almost like its own little movie wedged into the middle of a bigger movie. There was just a lot of weight on it for Read MoreRead More

Do Time Travel Movies Have to Have Rules?

Where do you draw the line in the sand between entertainment and plausibility? Beware of Massive Spoilers for Looper after the jump. Should we enjoy time travel movies for their entertainment value despite any plot holes that might arise, or are those pesky nitpicks enough to sink the sci-fi ship? That’s the question at the heart of a metric Read MoreRead More

Rian Johnson’s “Looper” Pitch Video

This is a strange curiosity I thought might be interesting – just after I finished the script for Looper but before we began preproduction I asked Joe to record some voice-over, and with help from my friend Ronen Verbit constructed this “fake trailer” using clips from other movies. This is a fairly common thing to Read MoreRead More

6 Filmmaking Tips Directly From Rian Johnson

Writer and Director of Looper Rian Johnson offers up six tips on how to be a better filmmaker. Read Great Stuff That Has Nothing to Do With Anything You’re Writing I’m in that phase right now where I’m fishing for the next idea, so this is the first tip I thought of. But it’s applicable at all Read MoreRead More

Interview with Rian Johnson, Writer/Director of Looper

/Film interviews Rian Johnson, writer and director of Looper talks about the time travel tropes and how to pick your battles when working in Sci-Fi. MAJOR SPOILERS – frankly this won’t even make sense unless you’ve seen the film – which you should… it’s good. Looper is exactly the kind of movie we all say we want, mixing a Read MoreRead More

“Looper” Composer Nathan Johnson Talks Sound, Manipulation, Customization & Creative Freedom

Building on a month of “found sounds” Nathan Johnson created the organic musical sound of “Looper”. Here’s a sample of Nathan Johnson’s work   What inspired you to go out and record found sounds to then manipulate into music to create the score? How did you select the sounds you wanted to record? Looper is Read MoreRead More

The Insane Things Joseph Gordon-Levitt Did to Become Bruce Willis in Looper

In the film Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays an assassin who has to kill his future self (played by Bruce Willis). “Looper was probably the most transformative of any movie I’ve ever done,” Gordon-Levitt told us. His “whole character” is based on Bruce Willis, and he was determined to go beyond a simple Willis impersonation. Said Gordon-Levitt: I Read MoreRead More