Between the Scenes: Choosing Locations

Filmmakers: When choosing a location there are considerations beyond just that individual scene. Here we explore the ways in which locations work together to help the audience keep track of your story. Example from Gus Van Sant’s ‘Gerry’ (2002, THINKFilm, Miramax). Commentary by ‘Between the Scenes’ author Jeffrey Michael Bays.Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About Filming Permits

Elliot from Reel Deel Film School explains what you need to film abroad. When filming in another country, it’s incredibly important to make sure you have the correct paperwork before you record anything… A full write up: The very first lesson I was taught on Day 1 as a Camera Assistant was to never assume anything! Read MoreRead More

Google Maps of Django Unchained’s Plantation and Other Infamous Tarantino Locations

Check out these Google Maps of famous locations from Tarantino’s films from the plantations of Django Unchained, to the Chapel from Kill Bill. Naturally, Quentin Tarantino’s new saddles-and-spurs flick Django Unchained has probably attracted at least a few fans of Westerns. But fans of one more recent Western may recognize some of its environs a little too well. It Read MoreRead More

5 Things Hollywood Reuses More than Plots

We were going to write a really awesome intro for this article but we got bored and the Simpsons just came on TV. So check out’s take on Hollywood recycling (not the good kind). …It has to be discouraging for an actor to know that very few performers ever get famous, and the ones Read MoreRead More

Top 10 Movie Cities 2008

MovieMaker’s eighth annual countdown of the best places to live, work and make movies. …So what criteria determined the final rankings? Well, quality and quantity both carried a lot of weight in terms of the local talent pool, production facilities, educational opportunities, networking events, film festivals and other screening venues. Enthusiasm—on the part of the Read MoreRead More

Tip Sheet for Low-Budget Film Scripts

By: Colin Brunton This tip sheet is intended as a guideline for writing original low-budget scripts. While it would be difficult to write a script that could be produced on a low-budget containing all of the elements on the list, it would be equally difficult to write one that didn’t contain any. You will doubtless Read MoreRead More