Location Scouting

The Ultimate Chinatown Filming Location Map of Los Angeles

Want to tour the sites of Chinatown? LA Curbed mapped out the shooting locations from this classic piece of LA noir. Roman Polanski’s Chinatown is the essential Los Angeles film for just about anybody who isn’t a science fiction obsessive (Blade Runner), a thirtysomething woman (Clueless), or an asshole (Swingers). For all the movies Hollywood has Read MoreRead More

On the Importance of Location Scouting

Director Elliot Weaver talks about the importance of location scouting, what to consider with some great examples of Hollywood location scouting behind the scenes footage. Picture some of the greatest films in cinema history and y0u’ll be blinded by a vast canvas of filming locations… we’re not talking constructed film sets here, we’re talking places Read MoreRead More

Bringing Pan Am Back To Life: Photographing And Lighting The First Class Cabin of a 747

From its founding in the 1920s to its peak in the 1960s and 1970s, Pan Am set the status quo when it came to international travel. Everyone wanted to fly Pan Am, other airlines wanted to be Pan Am, and everyone wanted to work for Pan Am. Revered by the rich and famous, the traveling Read MoreRead More

5 Things You Need to Know About Filming Permits

Elliot from Reel Deel Film School explains what you need to film abroad. When filming in another country, it’s incredibly important to make sure you have the correct paperwork before you record anything… A full write up: The very first lesson I was taught on Day 1 as a Camera Assistant was to never assume anything! Read MoreRead More

Creating a Photograph of a World, inside a World, inside a World

Benjamin Von Wong demonstrates how he constructed the fantasy elements of an “outdoor” studio in this behind the scenes clip from his photoshoot. Finding the location Location, as always is a challenge. This time, not only did we have to find multiple interesting backdrops, we also had to make sure that we had an indoor Read MoreRead More

How The Dark Knight helped spawn a filmmaking boom in Chicago

Christopher Nolan’s modern classic showcased the city of Chicago. As much as director Nolan—who grew up in Chicago and London—wanted to keep a low profile while he was shooting, there was no hiding The Dark Knight. Christian Bale stood on the edge of the roof of Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower). A huge chase Read MoreRead More

What Monopoly Properties Look Like in Real Life

Ever wonder what that Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave really looks like? Scouting New York searches Atlantic City for the real-life inspirations for the popular board game: What I didn’t know back then was that the properties in Monopoly were in fact named after the streets of Atlantic City. Monopoly itself has a long and complicated Read MoreRead More

A Photographer Rediscovers The Crumbling Remains Of Tatooine

  Tearing down sets after filming apparently isn’t the thing to do in the Tunisian Desert as Rä di Martino found out exploring the ruins of Star Wars film sets. In Star Wars (or Episode IV if you want to be like that), Luke Skywalker spends the first 15 minutes whining about his misfortune for having been born on Tatooine. He can’t Read MoreRead More

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