OSCARS Q&A: Kathleen Kennedy

AwardsLine interviews Kathleen Kennedy, long time producer on many of Steven Spielberg’s films, on what it took to get Lincoln made. AwardsLine: Every film has its own set of rules, but what consistently surprises you or keeps you interested when you’re starting a new project? Kathleen Kennedy: My tastes tend to be eclectic, so if I’m working onsomething Read MoreRead More

Tony Kushner on Writing the Screenplay for “Lincoln”

In this interview by Dylan Callaghan, Pulitzer Prize-winner Tony Kushner re-traces his six-year odyssey in scripting Lincoln and illuminates how the bloody and transcendent story the film centers on is still playing out in America today. The new film Lincoln draws its considerable dramatic power from the moral, existential dilemmas that churn at America’s core. It’s unlike any film legendary Read MoreRead More

Finding the Sounds of “Lincoln”

The SoundWorks Collection talks with Skywalker Sound’s Sound Designer Ben Burtt (Designer on Star Wars) about his work on Steven Speilberg’s new film Lincoln including looking for real life every-day sounds in Washington DC that may have been heard by the great railsplitter himself.Read More

New International Trailer for Lincoln

The first international trailer for Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” starring Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robert Todd Lincoln. As the Civil War nears its end, President Abraham Lincoln clashes with members of his cabinet over the issue of abolishing slavery. Also starring Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader, Jared Harris, John Hawkes, Read MoreRead More

Abe Lincoln as You’ve Never Heard Him

Daniel Day-Lewis is known for diving deeply into his roles. He kept the voice of Lincoln between takes and off set even using it to discuss Mad Men with costar Jared Harris (better known to most Americans as Lane Pryce in “Mad Men”). The latest in a long parade of screen Abes, coming right on the heels of Read MoreRead More

Daniel Day-Lewis Explains How He Developed Lincoln’s Voice

The Legendary actor along with Steven Spielberg along with Lincoln screenwriter Tony Kushner discuss how they found Lincoln’s voice. Daniel Day-Lewis, a London-native, spoke with a clear British accent, which of course came in stark contrast to the reedy, almost high-pitched voice that he employed as the wise — and surprisingly jovial — leader of the Read MoreRead More

Daniel Day-Lewis on playing Lincoln

In this 60 Minutes interview, you’ll hear from the famously reticent Daniel Day-Lewis on his feelings for Lincoln, the man, in the actor’s first interview about “Lincoln,” the movie. It also gives a first look at the making of the “Lincoln” movie with details about the historical accuracy of the set, props, and acting from Read MoreRead More