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Photographer Greg Williams on How He Photographed Kate Winslet

Celebrity portrait photographer Greg Williams explains the process of how he got this shot of actress Kate Winslet. This was shot for Madame Figaro. You see Kate shot through a doorframe, visible at the top and right-hand side. What we call a dirty foreground. The house we used has glass floors which we’re below. I love Read MoreRead More

Three Crucial Tips For Buying A Lighting Kit

Ryan E. Walters provides three insights into how you should approach the process of buying a light kit.  often get asked the question “I have $X to spend on a lighting kit… What should I buy?” Whenever this question comes up, I always feel perplexed about how to answer. Making a recommendation on a lighting Read MoreRead More

How to Create an Indoor Blizzard

Commercial photographer Joey L. demonstrates how he achieved the look of a blistery winter snowstorm safely inside a New York Studio space. I wanted to create a dramatic portrait series of “arctic explorers” which appeared to be taken outside in a blizzard. The concept for this shoot was something I’ve been mulling over for quite Read MoreRead More

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