Three Types of Light: Diffused, Backlight and Reflected – What are They and When to use Them

Natasha Cadman goes into three types of light and how they impact your photographic style. Diffused Light Diffused light that which is not harsh and direct, it has been softened in some way. A great example is when you are outside and the sun is shining, with no clouds in the sky. The light is harsh Read MoreRead More

Book Lighting Technique: Creating the Softest Light Possible

Sid Vasandani discusses Shane Hurlbut’s book light technique of bouncing and diffusing a light source.     If you are interested in creating the softest light with an amazing wrap around quality, look no further. The book light technique, coined by film maker Shane Hurlbut is so simple and basic, requires the most inexpensive light modifiers, Read MoreRead More

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