How to set up Studio Lighting: 3 Classic Setups for Dramatically Different Effects

The position of your light can affect the look and mood of your subject. Digital Camera World offers this helpful infographic: How to set up studio lighting: 01 High In most cases you’ll want to have your main light positioned above the model. Notice how the shadow from the nose falls down the face, elongating Read MoreRead More

Gaffer Cory Geryak on the lighting of “Her”

Gaffer Cory Geryak talks to Arri about using the L7 LED fixtures, Fresnel lights with tunable color temperature, on Spike Jonze’s sci-fi foray into OS-love. It’s a very performance-driven movie where the main character played by Joaquin Phoenix talks to his operating system and he ends having a relationship with her. Originally we were considering some Read MoreRead More

The Way She Haunts My Dreams – Creating the Look of “Her”

Learn about the techniques and strategies used to capture the soft but unique look of Spike Jonze’s “Her” Hoyte van Hoytema, NSC, FSF, finds much more than ghosts inside the machine for the genre-busting love Story, Her. By David Geffner. Photos by Sam Zhu. Once upon a time the gold standard for cinematic love was a Read MoreRead More

Are LEDs the light bulbs of the future?

The incandescent light bulb has changed very little since the days of Thomas Edison, with 90 percent of the electricity used lost as heat. Consumers have been reluctant to move away from the rich color quality of incandescent bulbs, but experts say new energy-efficient LEDs may finally provide an attractive replacement. CBS News Reports:Read More

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