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How they Shot the Wes Anderson Horror Movie Spoof

DP Alex Buono explains the production process involved in shooting ”The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders” – a spoof that imagines a horror film as directed by Wes Anderson: Let’s start at the beginning. This spot was simply titled, “New Horror Trailer” and when I first glanced at the script on a Wednesday night, I figured Read MoreRead More

Subtractive Lighting – The Secret to Outdoor Portraits

Overhead sun isn’t the most flattering way to shoot outdoors, but you can’t always schedule all your shoots around magic hour. Here’s a way to get high mid day sun to look pleasing for outdoor shoots. Everyone struggles with outdoor portraits. Every once in a while, the light is perfect, but all too often either Read MoreRead More

Using Color Correction Gels with New Digital Cameras

Shane Hurlbut explains how he uses colored gels on lights to create looks with new digital camera sensors. “Giving Your Story an Early Morning or Late Afternoon Tone” When I first became a cinematographer, there were two companies in the gel manufacturing business, Rosco and Lee. A few years later, a new kid on the block emerged, GAM Filters. Read MoreRead More

ARRI Lighting Handbook Is a Great Primer for Basic Lighting

As a companion to their lighting kits, ARRI put out a nice handbook of lighting basics using their kits full of basic information usable for any brand lights. Click on the article below for the page where you’ll find the handbook in the top right corner. LIGHTING THEORIES AND TECHNIQUES: There have been dozens of Read MoreRead More

The Anatomy of a Beauty Shoot: Step by Step

Rich Meade breaks down the equipment and lighting to create a high fashion style beauty head shot: Since joining Fstoppers I had planned on doing a “behind the scenes” of one of my shoots, so today I’ve put together a lighting diagram courtesy of Kevin Kertz, and a detailed description of how the finished product was Read MoreRead More

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