How To Turn Your Garage Into A Studio For Under $500

Ryan E Walters offers up a detailed break down of how he turned his garage into a working studio. I’ll be the first to admit nothing replaces a professionally built sound stage or studio. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot on a wide variety of stages and I appreciate what they bring to a production. Read MoreRead More

Freedom on the Road: The Freedom-1 Portable AC Power System

Vincent Laforet covers the details of his favorite remote power solution for low draw devices. There are very few gadgets out there that I can honestly say are “must haves” for just about every road warrior out there… but I think I may just have found one. For every photo/video enthusiast, photographer, filmmaker, line-producer, musician, Read MoreRead More

DIY Photography Hacks: make a foam flash diffuser to soften portraits

Here’s an absolutely ingenious DIY project for adding a soft bounce to your flash unit. Even though this is a project for photography, this should give you some ideas for creating other types of bounces and diffusers for continuous lighting setups for motion picture (just remember, they don’t call them “hot lights” for nothing so Read MoreRead More

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