The Magic of Twilight

Just after the Sunset “Magic Hour” (roughly 30 minutes before and after the sunset) there is a period sometimes called the “Blue Hour” where refracted light from the sun turns the sky a deep shade of blue. This not quite night period can lead to some dramatic lighting situations. One of my favourite times for Read MoreRead More

The Basics of Shane Hurlbut’s Go-To Lighting Kit

Shane Hurlbut continues his excellent series discussing not only the gear he shoots with but the creative processes behind how he lights his sets: Maurice said, “I want to tell stories, not just cover it.” Look at the line above. This is what all of you have to find in your soul. Be a storyteller, Read MoreRead More

Tips For Getting Better Skin in Camera

Post production tools have come a long way to helping you achieve better skin, but they add another step in the post-production time line. Here’s a few tips on how to achieve better looking skin on set and in camera. Most skin imperfections can be “fixed” before shooting by applying make up. This seems very Read MoreRead More

Recreating the Shot: a Lesson in Lighting Through ‘Blade Runner’

Seth Iliff and E.M. Taboada challenged themselves to reverse engineer and recreate the lighting from the Voight Kampff test from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner A big part of his skill set is understanding what the client/director wants and achieving it with the tools and budget at hand.  When I arrived at the shoot, Seth was already  busy setting Read MoreRead More

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