Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith’s Seven Golden Rules of Moviemaking

Director, screenwriter, sometimes actor, and all-around major geek Kevin Smith shares his wisdom with MovieMaker Magazine. 1. Edit while you’re still shooting. On every flick since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, I’ve been editing while still in the midst of production. I’m not talking about some hired editor piecing together an assembly while I’m Read MoreRead More

Great Advice for Filmmakers from Legendary Directors

These are names you’ve heard of – accomplished directors and filmmakers offering bits of advice for the filmmakers following in their footsteps. View Playlist on YouTubeRead More

Kevin Smith to re-word the title of his latest film

So what was so very bad about the title of Smith’s latest film that the three major broadcasters refused to air ads for it before 9pm? At that point, Smith realized that the title had to be changed. Given the trouble he had gone through with Zack and Miri, he really didn’t want to go Read MoreRead More

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