Kevin B Lee

Bechdel-sploitation: Erotic Films That Pass the Test

Dig deeper than ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ when it comes to the Bechdel Test, and you’ll find there’s a lot to learn. The Fandor website has a page that lists all of its films that have passed the Bechdel Test, a widely referenced set of three simple questions to assess how a film represents its female Read MoreRead More

Elements of the Essay Film

What is an essay film? Kevin B. Lee explores how essay films use sounds, images, words and editing differently than other forms of cinema. Anticipating the BFI’s absolutely essential film series Thought in Action: The Art of the Essay Film, which starts this week and continues throughout August, I spent several weeks reflecting on what the essay film Read MoreRead More

Bruce Lee, Before and After the Dragon

In just a three year span, Bruce Lee starred in a handful of films that catapulted the martial arts genre into a global phenomenon. His sudden death, 40 years ago, left an enormous vacuum, with audiences around the world desperately craving more of the first Chinese superstar it had ever known. Answering the demand came Read MoreRead More

The Career of Paul Thomas Anderson in Five Shots

Tracking a journey of camera journeys from Hard Eight to There Will Be Blood, Kevin B. Lee wonders if the director has put away showy things. Thinking on what sets The Master apart from Paul Thomas Anderson’s earlier films, what strikes me most vividly is a marked difference in camera movement and staging. I wouldn’t be Read MoreRead More