Kathleen Kennedy

How the Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy went from Secretary to Studio Boss

Kathleen Kennedy has long worked in the shadows of moviemaking legends such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Now, as The Force Awakens readies for release, she is getting her star turn. It’s a tale perfect for Hollywood. The blond, dreadlocked German to my left is on the verge of tears. And perhaps a grand Read MoreRead More

OSCARS Q&A: Kathleen Kennedy

AwardsLine interviews Kathleen Kennedy, long time producer on many of Steven Spielberg’s films, on what it took to get Lincoln made. AwardsLine: Every film has its own set of rules, but what consistently surprises you or keeps you interested when you’re starting a new project? Kathleen Kennedy: My tastes tend to be eclectic, so if I’m working onsomething Read MoreRead More

Breakfast with Kathleen Kennedy & Henry Thomas

Ariel Schudson has breakfast with the producer and star of E.T – they share their memories, like Michael Jackson moonwalking in the editing room of Poltergeist. Breakfast with Henry Thomas and Kathleen Kennedy. This was not a situation I ever thought I would ever find myself in. Not only was I was seated across from the Read MoreRead More