Kathleen Kennedy

OSCARS Q&A: Kathleen Kennedy

AwardsLine interviews Kathleen Kennedy, long time producer on many of Steven Spielberg’s films, on what it took to get Lincoln made. AwardsLine: Every film has its own set of rules, but what consistently surprises you or keeps you interested when you’re starting a new project? Kathleen Kennedy: My tastes tend to be eclectic, so if I’m working onsomething Read MoreRead More

Breakfast with Kathleen Kennedy & Henry Thomas

Ariel Schudson has breakfast with the producer and star of E.T – they share their memories, like Michael Jackson moonwalking in the editing room of Poltergeist. Breakfast with Henry Thomas and Kathleen Kennedy. This was not a situation I ever thought I would ever find myself in. Not only was I was seated across from the Read MoreRead More