K-Tek’s Shockmount draws inspiration from the Logathmic Spiral

Carl Mrozek reviews the shockmount that puts a twist on the traditional design. Nautilus’ form is inspired by the logarithmic spiral, a design found in nature in objects like hurricanes, spiral galaxies and the chambered nautilus, a conch-like shellfish that’s widely admired for its graceful symmetry. The Nautilus spiral was chosen over a host of Read MoreRead More

How to Minimize Wind Noise When Using a Shotgun Microphone

By Sam Mallery A shotgun microphone is an indispensable tool for capturing sound from short distances away, but like most microphones, shotguns suffer from a severe sensitivity to wind noise. Even a relatively gentle gust of air can completely distort the audio signal a shotgun microphone is capturing. Without the necessary accessories, even the finest Read MoreRead More

Boompole Buying Guide

By Sam Mallery A boompole is a curious tool. It’s a microphone stand that cannot stand. In essence, a boompole is crude and simplistic, yet the engineering and thought put into their design is great. Once you’ve decided to purchase a boompole, you may be a bit taken aback when you first explore the available Read MoreRead More