Joseph-Gordon Levitt

The Insane Things Joseph Gordon-Levitt Did to Become Bruce Willis in Looper

In the film Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays an assassin who has to kill his future self (played by Bruce Willis). “Looper was probably the most transformative of any movie I’ve ever done,” Gordon-Levitt told us. His “whole character” is based on Bruce Willis, and he was determined to go beyond a simple Willis impersonation. Said Gordon-Levitt: I Read MoreRead More

Before They Were Famous: 25 Actors in 3 Minutes

This embarrassing pre-fame footage of 25 celebs was edited together by YouTube user pleatedjeans. It includes Angelina Jolie, Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves, Seth Rogan, Natalie Portman, Jack Black, Joseph-Gordon Levitt and more.Read More