John Williams

How ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ created the B-side to John Williams’ score

Composer Gordy Haab explains his approach to creating the music for the game “Star Wars Battlefront” by analyzing John Williams’ original for both the original series and prequels. Some of the first sounds you hear in “Star Wars Battlefront” are instantly recognizable. The exuberant brass notes strike a triumphant tone from John Williams’ signature score, Read MoreRead More

How a Chant from 600AD found its way into Lord of the Rings, The Lion King, and Star Wars

One of the world’s oldest songs isn’t about love, sex or even power. It’s about death. Dies Irae, the song of death, is a medieval chant that warns of an apocalyptic day of wrath, and has been used as the soundtrack to the end of life for 40 human generations — from the dark ages Read MoreRead More

Steven Spielberg and John Williams – the Art of Collaboration

The AFI (American Film Institute) and TCM (Turner Classic Movies) inaugurated it’s “ART OF COLLABORATION” series with this 2011 audience “sit down” featuring director Steven Spielberg and creative partner of forty years – composer John Williams. Discussing the nature of filmic collaboration, the duo site cinema / music examples from some of their favorite works Read MoreRead More

Daniel Day-Lewis on playing Lincoln

In this 60 Minutes interview, you’ll hear from the famously reticent Daniel Day-Lewis on his feelings for Lincoln, the man, in the actor’s first interview about “Lincoln,” the movie. It also gives a first look at the making of the “Lincoln” movie with details about the historical accuracy of the set, props, and acting from Read MoreRead More

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