Top 7 Movies with Men Singing Together

Cowboys, frat-boys, soldiers, fishermen and prisoners; what do they have in common? No, they are not Sarah Palin supporters. Each of these icon character types is represented in our list of the Top 7 non-musicals with men singing together. As to why Gene Wilder stars in three of these films, I can’t answer that.Read More

505 Behind The Scenes Videos

Take a peak behind the Tinsel Town magic with this collection of 505 behind the scenes videos from over 100 popular and historic movies. If we overlooked your favorite film don’t worry, with the amount of footage floating around the internets I’m sure we will deliver that other Hollywood staple, the sequel. Stay tuned…. Also Read MoreRead More

Visual Language of Schindler’s List

Cineobscure is one of my favorite sites. Among other things they offer insightful visual breakdowns of landmark films such as Jaws, War of the Worlds, Christine, Aliens, Braveheart, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tombstone and of course Schindler’s List. …Spielberg, along with long time collaborator Janusz Kaminski shot the film with a sobering mis-en-scène combined Read MoreRead More