James Cameron

Cinemasters: James Cameron

Equal parts artist and explorer, scientist and storyteller, James Cameron has spent the last three decades reinventing cinema and the technology that makes it possible. From a little film called ‘The Terminator’ to his back to back stints as box office king of the world, Cameron has consistently set new gold standards for science fiction Read MoreRead More

Even James Cameron Thinks There Are Too Many 3D Movies

The 3D boom is starting settle down. In other news,  Evelyn Margaret Ay was crowned Miss America 1954. In a recent talk with fellow sci-fi/fantasy director Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men), the director criticized Hollywood for releasing too many movies in 3D. He made a distinction between movies shot in 3D, like Avatar, and those converted to 3D in Read MoreRead More

James Cameron Hosts Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds”

From FlyingBearFilmSchool: Not only large scale sci-fiers (FALLING SKIES, V, INDPENDENCE DAY), but the small “lost footage” thriller like THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and CHRONICLE all owe their very existence to THE WAR OF THE WORLDS – specifically Orson Welles’ legendary radio broadcast more so than H.G. Welles’ Victorian era novel. A masterpiece of illusion, Read MoreRead More

10 TED Talks for Filmmakers

This collection of 10 TED Talks for filmmakers includes, Rob Legato on special effects, Kirby Ferguson on Remix, Andrew Stanton on story, JJ Abrams, James Cameron, Elizabeth Gilbert on tapping your inner genius, Kevin Allocca on why YouTube videso go Viral, Amy Tan on Creativity, Tiffany Shlain on Crowd source Filmmaking, and Erik Johansson on Read MoreRead More

Director’s Round Table with Tarantino, Jackson, Cameron, Bigelow, Reitman and Daniels

Film directors Quentin Tarantino (‘Inglourious Basterds’). Peter Jackson (‘The Lovely Bones’), James Cameron (‘Avatar’), Kathryn Bigelow (‘The Hurt Locker’), Jason Reitman (‘Up in the Air’), and Lee Daniels (‘Precious’) talk about the toughest scenes they’ve had to film for a movie.Read More

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