Television’s Future Has a Social Media Soundtrack

Deb Roy explores the notion that our television watching behaviors are now being colored by tweets and facebook updates. When movies were first introduced in the late 1800′s, they were silent. Three decades later, the invention of synchronized soundtracks satisfied our natural desire to hear what is seen. Soundtracks unleashed a wave of creativity in Read MoreRead More

There’s No Such Thing As Offline?!? – Idea Channel

What an outdated question this has become! Of course you’re online, unless you’re an off-the-grid survivalist or a remote tribesmen!! From Facebook to bank accounts, you always have some sort of online presence, whether you’re actively engaging in front of a screen or not. Yet this is still a word we use to describe our Read MoreRead More

HEVC H.265 First Stage Approval But Could It Be Another Five Years Away

The video standard H.264 changed the way video was delivered on the internet. The next generation could add 4K and 8K capabilities but it may be farther away then previously thought: Well it might be nearly five more years till you get to use the full power of HEVC or H.265 according to Dan Rayburn Read MoreRead More

Dear Aspiring Filmmaker, Here’s How To Get Our Attention

You’ve made a great movie – but how do you get the word out. One of the writers of Film School Rejects, Scott Beggs offers some advice on how to tap into movie discussion sites (including this one) without pissing off the people that run them. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, I’m one of the Read MoreRead More

Vimeo Introduces Rating System

Vimeo has never been a place that censored content, now they’re offering filmmakers a chance to let their audiences know what’s in store. As the home for exceptional original videos and the people who make them, we have an unflinching belief in the integrity of visual storytelling, including — in some cases — material that Read MoreRead More

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