Netflix Wants To Replace The Movie Theater

The internet streaming giant wants to displace the movie theater. If you hate spending money to see lame new Hollywood movies in theaters, Netflix wants to fix that for you, by letting you watch all of the lame new Hollywood movies on your own couch. This, in Netflix’s estimation, might actually make movies better. It Read MoreRead More

Did Horse_ebooks Show Us that SPAM is the Web’s Native Artform?

Horse_ebooks was a twitter spambot par excellence. It was algorithmic assembled poetry. It was the soul in the machine. But we recently learned that for the past few years horse_ebooks was in fact human authored, by a Buzzfeed writer, no less! And that made us angry. Why? Because when it was computer created, horse_ebooks was, as Read MoreRead More

Vimeo or YouTube? Where Should You Post Your Videos?

Ron Dawson provides a few thoughts on the difficult question of which service to post your content to: I often get asked whether it makes more sense to post a video to YouTube or Vimeo. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the wrong question. In truth, if optimizing the number of people to see your video, and if Read MoreRead More

Project Loon: Delivering Internet the Bioshock Infinite Way

Introducing the latest moonshot from Google[x]: balloon-powered Internet access. Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill in coverage gaps and bring people back online after disasters. To learn more, visit: The technology:Read More

Are YouTubers Revolutionizing Entertainment? | Off Book | PBS

Over the past 8 years, YouTube has given birth to an increasingly sophisticated entertainment culture that operates outside of the traditional television and film ecosystem. With humble roots in charismatic and creative people simply sharing their lives, thoughts, and humor to their webcams, YouTube entertainment has diversified and grown into tens of thousands of unique Read MoreRead More

YouTube is Becoming Like Traditional TV – Is it Worth Paying For?

The wild west was conquered with barbed wire. Will the internet be conquered by pay walls? ONE of the most popular videos this month on YouTube, an online video site, is a commercial by a bottled-water firm, Evian. In it, adults walking by a shop window see their baby lookalikes reflected, and start dancing with Read MoreRead More

Is A DOS Attack A Weapon? | Idea Channel

Denial of Service (DOS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks take down servers by distracting them with meaningless traffic until basically they can’t take it any more. Scientology, Westboro Baptist Church, and others like them have been hit, and if you look at the coverage of these events, the descriptive words “attacks,” “violent,” and Read MoreRead More

A Very Brief History of Web Video

Adweek traces the brief window of existance of web video from lonelygirl15 to the modern billion hit bohemeths. December 1995-January 1999 After seeing Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s short Spirit of Christmas, TV exec Brian Graden commissions a second video he distributes to friends on VHS. The video—and Graden—help Parker and Stone land a development Read MoreRead More

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