Frontline: Digital Nation – life on the virtual frontier

A PBS Frontline report on the digital revolution and how it’s changing our lives, with video stories, interviews, and user-generated video on relationships, information overload, education, the military, parenting, brain development, and more. For more information visit Frontline on PBS.Read More

The Coming Indie Revolution: Just Sell it Yourself!

Manohla Dargis contemplates the new world of indie distribution – how technology and social media is affecting the way indies get distributed and, more importantly, how content creators can get paid. The answer – much like many things in the indie world, is DIY. …In the Old World of distribution, filmmakers hand over all the Read MoreRead More

The Future of Content Distribution

Richard Rosenblatt of Demand Media, Dan Rosensweig of Guitar Hero and Peter Guber of Mandalay Entertainment discuss the current state and future of distribution in their varying fields.Read More

Why Indie Directors Give Movies Away Free Online

This article by Monisha Rajesh of illustrates how many indie filmmakers are sidestepping traditional distribution and finding larger audiences and larger profits by giving away their film for free online. So, how do you make money by giving something away for free? Well, read on…. …When Finnish filmmaker Timo Vuorensola came up with the Read MoreRead More

21 Great Free Thinkers of Indie Film

Ted Hope from The Wrap has compiled a list of “Brave Thinkers” in Independent Film. I guess we can split hairs over what is considered brave in this industry, but nevertheless it’s a good list of some of the individuals that are working on th cutting edge of indie film. …These Brave Thinkers lead equally Read MoreRead More

Content and Control for Online Film

By Jon M. Garon Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, PC The rules for creating, marketing and distributing films derive from a host of different sources. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences controls the rules for the Academy Awards statuette, the Oscar, while collective bargaining agreements with various trade unions require that their members participate Read MoreRead More

Indies still looking for Internet equation

Internet distribution is maturing but has there been any viable Online model of distribution for independents? …If only more indie filmmakers could sell as many Internet downloads as “Helvetica,” the future of indie distribution might look more promising. Gary Hustwit’s documentary about the ubiquitous font has taken in a six-figure sum from its showing on Read MoreRead More

DIY DAYS: Better Than Free

The Internet is a super-distribution machine that allows copies of digital media to flow in an almost frictionless way. As the wealth and survival of traditional media businesses are built on selling precious copies, the free flow of free copies is undermining the established order. If reproductions of media are free, how can we keep Read MoreRead More

Silverdocs Session: Future of Public Media

Pat Aufderheide, from the Center for Social Media at American University, put together a panel at Silverdocs to try to forecast the future of public media threw futurists, investors, business people and public media programmers. VIA: CinemaTech (The clips play in sequential order – when you reach the end of clip one, clip two will Read MoreRead More

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