What You Can Learn from 8 Sundance Films with Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns?

Oakley Anderson-Moore looks at the successful campaigns of 8 Sundance Films for hints on how to run a successful campaign From projects that banked $12K to upwards of $3M, quite a few films that just premiered at Sundance Film Festival were supported by very successful, but very different, Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. (And most were Read MoreRead More

Donation-Based Crowdfunding Sites: Kickstarter Vs. Indiegogo

Chance Barnett explains the difference between the two donation based crowd funding sites and how they differ from crowd funding investment sites. Kickstarter and Indiegogo, considered the two most popular donation-based crowdfunding sites, were founded in 2009 and 2007 respectively. They give people and creative projects the opportunity to raise money via online donations or Read MoreRead More

Watch This Before You Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

Film Courage compiled a series of interviews with a lot of different perspectives on the subject of Crowdfunding. A Breakdown of this video: 00:00 - Sheri Candler, Marketing Strategist 04:29 - Kyle Patrick Alvarez, C.O.G., Easier With Practice Reasons you should crowdfund 07:16 - Adam Chapnick, Indiegogo 15:04 - Gary W. Goldstein, Pretty Woman, Under Seige 20:05 - Gary King, Read MoreRead More

The A-Z of Excellent Copywriting

In advertising world, the content of an ad is called “copy”. Being as filmmaking is such a collaborative medium, you will often be called to write some sort of pitch to “sell” your ideas and yourself. Here are 26 tips (alphabetically, including links to more in-depth articles) for better copy writing that you should reference to make your next pitch sizzle.Read More