Indiana Jones

Steven Soderberg on “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in Black and White.

.As an exercise in staging, Steven Soderberg looks at movies with the sound turned off and devoid of color. Here he gives Raiders the treatment – be sure to check out the link below to see the first Indiana Jones outing in black and white. I’m assuming the phrase “staging” came out of the theatre Read MoreRead More

What the Indiana Jones Swordfight Scene was SUPPOSED to look like

Deleted shots and behind the scenes footage show what the stunt choreography was suppose to be before Harrison Ford got dysentery and convinced Speilberg to go with the iconic twist. First the shark in Jaws wouldn’t work, now this… imagine Steven Spielberg’s career if he had always gotten precisely what he wanted…
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George Lucas on the Daily Show

George Lucas, creator of the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” movies, was on the Daily Show last night with Jon Stewart to talk about the new book he’s written, “Blockbusting,” which examines the movie industry through its most “timeless” films. Lucas also discuses the duality of the love hate relationship of fan boys. The Daily Read MoreRead More

505 Behind The Scenes Videos

Take a peak behind the Tinsel Town magic with this collection of 505 behind the scenes videos from over 100 popular and historic movies. If we overlooked your favorite film don’t worry, with the amount of footage floating around the internets I’m sure we will deliver that other Hollywood staple, the sequel. Stay tuned…. Also Read MoreRead More

The man who brings movies to life

You may not know the name Ben Burtt, but odds are you have heard his work. Here is a great interview from the BBC with the Oscar-winning sound designer. …Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T. and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – some of the most famous movies in modern film history. Ben Burtt is the Read MoreRead More

Indiana Jones Face Melt Effect

Author (indymogul) Notes: Welcome to part one of our two part Indiana Jones Special. This week we’ve been challenged by Eric Zala the director of “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” to create an awesome face melt effect for cheap! This is probably Indy Mogul’s grossest effect yet so you better leave a comment Read MoreRead More