Independent Film

Hope for Film: Six Keys to the Current State of Indie Film

Ted Hope makes 6 observations about the state of the independent film market and what we can do to make the business sustainable. 1. Independent film needs a better infrastructure. More people can make movies than ever before, and yet it’s become harder than ever to get people to see them. 2. It’s more difficult Read MoreRead More

How To Make Indie Filmmaking Profitable In The Age of Tentpole Franchises

Kathryn Arnold sits down with Cindy Nelson-Mullen, Co-CEO of MonteCristo International, an international sales agent/production company, and discussed with her the elements it takes to make a profitable film in this changing economic landscape Kathryn Arnold:  Does a certain director make a difference in making the decision to finance a film? Cindy Nelson Mullen:  Directors Read MoreRead More

10 Dirty Secrets Of Independent Film

The movie industry is a manufacturer of dreams. So much so that even the process of filmmaking is shrouded with dreamy mythology.  Elliot Grove presents ten dirty secrets of the “independent film” industry. 1. There is no such thing as independent film The film industry is all run by the conglomerates and studios who hatch small boutique companies to Read MoreRead More

10 Ways B-Movie Master Roger Corman Changed Filmmaking

Roger Corman is one of those legendary filmmakers who propelled the indie movement back when indie didn’t mean “studio funded hipster movie”. A new documentary “Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel” looks at the life of Roger Corman who’s still actively making films at the age of 85. Read More

FilmFellas: Cast Three

Zacuto USA brings us a series of table side chats with filmmakers: Steve Weiss, Mike Michaud, Anish Savjani, Edward Seaton. “10. Social Experiment” Webisode 10 brings you a brand new cast of FilmFellas. Each fella has a different approach to online media, but they do agree on one thing, media is changing and it’s changing Read MoreRead More