Introduction to Color in Digital Filmmaking

Color is a natural everyday experience – but how do you use color to advance your film? We’ll start by looking at how filmmakers in the late 90s began exploring creative uses of color. Then we’ll take a quick overview of how your digital camera captures color and some basic color theory. We’ll finish by Read MoreRead More

NAB 2011: Shifting HDSLRs into High Gear

Even if you’re not trekking out to Sin City for the NAB 2011 convention, start readying your B&H Photo Wish List. Here is a quick survey of some of the new products aimed at HDSLRs and small cameras from the industry’s top manufacturers.Read More

Tricking out your DSLR for Video

By David Speranza Intruders have entered the world of video. They’re small, they’re stealthy, and they offer the biggest bang for the buck since the Alaska Purchase. We’re talking, of course, about digital SLRs–specifically those that shoot high-definition, progressive video. These hybrid interlopers, known by some as “VSLRs,” are wielding their swollen sensors and 35mm Read MoreRead More